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I don't know about everyone else but keeping my hands busy keeps my mind focused.  It has been a very heavy weekend with the school shooting on Friday in  CT and all of the sweet posts on Facebook asking for prayers for these families.  I can't process the fact that a boy so young was capable of such harsh actions.  Thus, I redirected my thoughts in to my crafts this weekend.

I made a brown infinity scarf back in November and instead of sewing it together I decided I wanted to use buttons to create the infinity look.  So I laid it out on the ottoman and stared at it for a while.  I would walk away because I couldn't "see the finished look" and then I would go back and stare at it some more.  I did this several times.  That's how I am.  Creativity doesn't come all at once for me.  I am jealous of those who can create, start to finish, in one sitting.  Hopefully there are others out there that can identify with this process.  Creativity doesn't flow 24/7 . . . at least it doesn't in my world.  If it does in your world, please don't tell me.  :)

As I pondered over this scarf for a couple of weeks I decided that this scarf needed special buttons cause I wanted to create a "hippie" look.  (Please, no one take offense, just wanting a certain look for this scarf, and that was the best way to describe it.)  As I was thinking "hippie" it dawned on me that if I wanted a "hippie" look I absolutely HAD to have fringe!!  Oh yeah!!  Fringe!  Hmmmmm, how and what to use for fringe.  Hmmmm, didn't want to use yarn cause that would only make it look "scarfie".  (Yeah, yeah, yeah, not a real word, I know.)  So i put on my best grunge wear and headed out to Michael's and Hancock's.  These are the only two stores close enough to feed my creative side.

Once there, I rummaged through every aisle of both stores (as I always do) because I don't want to miss a deal on something "else" that I might need!  I saw some cute buttons in Michael's but they just didn't do it for me so I headed on over to Hancock's.  I wish I could tell you in words what it's like for me to walk in to Hancock's.  I literally feel like I am at home.  I love the materials, all colors the colors, all the knick knacks, the smell of the store . . . it's pure sensory overload for me.  Pure love!  I found my buttons and then stopped to ask one of the store associates if they carried suede in strips.  Nope, she said.  Of course not, that would be too easy.  The store associate asked me what I was making which led to an in-depth conversation about other options.  After touching several different materials, we headed over to the clearance section by the drapery material and there it was . . . a beautiful cream/taupish thin vinyl material that had "hippie" written all over it!  I bought a quarter of a yard and headed home to embellish my hippie infinity scarf. 

I totally forgot to take before and after pictures so you will just have to enjoy the two "finished" pictures of the scarf.  I may put some more fringe on the scarf but I don't want the fringe to overpower the scarf.  Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts.  And yep, this scarf is for sale if anyone is interested.  $20 and you too can look like a hippie!  :)

This picture shows both buttons but makes the fringe look a little thin.

I folded one edge under on this picture and even though the picture doesn't do it justice, the fringe is in proportion to the scarf.

I love crocheting.  It's really cool to look at the finished project!  Now to make a headband with a really funky flower to go with this!

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  1. Hi! I linked to your blog via The Feathered Nest, and like your blog name! I'm well into My second half of life and wish to get more involved in my own blog, I hope to be able to post more often, but in "in transition" now, and who knows what will transpire. Good to see your blog! I wish you well with it, and I'll try to put it on my List of Favorites (if I can remember how to do that). Bye!